Maker Kids

A space designed for children to explore interest driven learning

Library Of Everything is designed through continuous research for any children to explore learning in fun way & empower them to design their own learning path.

Design Thinking & Steam Education

Kids learn by tinkering,design thinking solving problems and building real life projects

Empathy & Collaboration

Kids learn by helping each other. Peer to peer learning

3D Printer & Mini-Maker Lab

Kids explore learning through cutting edge technology

Immersive Art

Kids learn life through art and develop creative, critical thinking to apply it to other fields as well

Adaptive & Interest Driven

Personalized path for every child

Coding for kids

Kids learn to code in a visual and fun way to develop logical thinking. Creates valuable skills for life

Children’s Creativity Space

Our mission is to nurture creativity and collaboration in all children and families. Creative expression, innovation, and critical thinking are core to building the next generation. We don’t ask them “What they want to become ?, We ask them “How do they want to contribute to the world and identify, solve problems around them ?”. 

Personalized Learning Path.

Artists, innovators, scientists, design thinkers along with R&D research centers & makerspace community have collaborated to research and bring innovative ways to facilitate experiential learning for kids.  Each kid has their own personalized learn plan (PLP). 

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STEAM Learning

The space is filled with 100+ tools, 4000+ books and 300+ toys. Kids learn to make & break in a creative environment full of cutting-edge technology. Every object in our space can be explored by a kid’s imagination, including toys, 3D printers, books, music synthesizers, pottery and more!

Initiative by

Tarun Mitra Mandal

The power of youth is the power of tomorrow. With a view to have a better tomorrow and, with a view to lay a foundation of various activities for the larger good of the society.
TMM believes strongly in community hood and this initiative is completely community driven.

Our Partners