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What does the future look like?

Technology and information are transforming society at an accelerating rate. Its time to accelerate our thinking about education. 

We are using evolution instead of better intelligent design to create 21st century education and achieve the mission of helping all children achieve their full potential.

Personalized learning

Self Designed Curriculum

Makerspace For Education

Whole-Child Development

Personalize Education

StoryOfMakers is a collaboration between educators, engineers, entrepreneurs and maker community who are driven to deliver whole-child, personalized learning so that every child reaches their potential.
Personalize every aspect of education for children and their families. Macro-level customization around the clasroom environment to micro-level customization around learning activities for individual students.
We aim to build a network of mini-schools which will share their knowledge and best practices in real time through data driven platform to connect and collaborate in a broader context. 

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Makerspace For Education

At Doer'z lab all students are makers and its all about exploring, discovering, collabaorating and engaging yourself to ideas to foster creativity and innovation. Lighting the unlighted bulb.

Whole-child Development

Building social-emotional strength is embedded in our core curriculum. When they build scientific models or a working prototype they learn that failure is a step towards success. Because social-emotional skills are just as important as academics, our educators will track them with equal importance.

Personalized Learning

Each student has a personalized learning plan (PLP) , based on their current knowledge across all academic areas, individual goals, and interests. At Doer'z Labh, the curriculum bends to the child rather than the child bending to the curriculum.

Personalized education

Artists, Engineers and Educators Working Together

To create truly personalized, DIY, self driven, learner-centric and continuously evolving environment we deeply understand our students as learners. Our team of artists, engineers and educators are building a platform that empowers our mentors to engage students, parents and collaborate with each other. Meet some of the talented team who are creating an immersive learning experience for 21st century. 

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