About Us

About Us

Our Mission is to nurture and help children become consciously aware of themselves and reach their full potential.

About Us

StoryOfMakers is a collaborative community that enhances learning and educational experience by bringing together outstanding teachers, parents, makers, designers, artists, renowned IIT Bombay professor and a young team of passionate educators.


We are creating a network of micro schools (Doer'z Lab) in multiple schools that uses outstanding teachers with deep research, and innovative tools to offer a personalized, whole child learning experience for the next generation.

Our Mission

We believe every child should have access to deeply personalized and learner-centered education that makes them happy and successful in an ever changing world. So they become self aware and conscious to know what makes them happy.

Our History

For past 2 years, StoryOfMakers team has been building a platfrom and network to empower and connect  to families, students, makers and educators to learn and collaborate with each other.

We started by conducting weekend interactive sessions with parents and kids to understand their needs and family environment, schools experience they have and several other things.

Thereafter we started a weekend sessions for children for 4-5 hours to experiments with personalized and hands-on experiential learning back in 2015. Since then we have been able to reach 2000+ students ranging from age group of 5 to 16 years.

We have partnered with several Start-Up and R&D companies like Imaginarium(know more about them) to provide students experience of interdisciplinary fields at minimum expense. 

We conducted a Tech Expo (Maker Event) in 2016 to introduce Maker Culture among kids and enabling them to showcase their creativity and things they built. The event was huge success with, more than 10,000+ people attending the even for 2 days to encourage our makers.