Education Approach

Education Approach

Whole Child And Personalized Education

At Library Of Everything we are nurturing the next generation learners for their life. So that they can build, start and create something new with their knowledge, strength of character, creativity and drive to impact the modern world. We let students advocate for themselves by equipping them with knowledge, skills and awareness by putting them at the center of their own learning. They create the the change they want to see in the dynamic environments around them, by being agents of their own learning.

Its a whole new world outside. Huge amount of information available today compels us to go far beyond the conventional “one size fits all” approach to education. At Library Of Everything, we are rethinking the entire educational experience from first principles. We’re making our children ready for the future by offering them personalized, whole-child learning experiences.

Personalized Learning Plans

Children are naturally curious and capable learners. Our Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) help them drive their own education through their real-world motivations and interests. Evolution is better than intelligent design. Keeping this as a base principle, StoryOfMakers School educators will design experiences uniquely tailored to each child, based on their needs, interests, and approach to learning.
Learning becomes a fun and engaging process, whether a student is working to address a knowledge gap or seeking out a new challenge.
We are developing tools that gives teachers superpower to be their most effective, while providing each student with a dynamic and personalized experience. This allows each kid in the classroom to follow different trajectories of learning.

Library Of Everything : School Learning Cycle

The StoryOfMakers School Learning Cycle is a student-driven representation of how children learn best, designed to foster growth in three core outcomes: Motivated Learning, Constructed Knowledge, and Applied Understanding. Each of these outcomes is accomplished through paired intrinsic and extrinsic actions, encouraging students to take initiative in their own learning and facilitating student agency within real-world investigations.


During this phase, educators will motivate students with provocations and essential questions. Seeking answers gives students a purpose, instills a desire for learning, and imbues them with an awareness of the skills and interests they will need to develop to accomplish their goals.


In this phase, students focus on the process of learning, investigating topics through inquiry-driven research, building knowledge of a subject area, developing thinking strategies toward challenges, and practicing key learning habits. As part of this process, students create artifacts such as a piece of writing, artwork, or performance that help them construct knowledge by practicing their skills and habits.


In this third phase of the learning cycle, students apply their understanding in two ways. First, they share their knowledge and artifacts with an audience. This step creates accountability and the motivation to complete challenges. Last, they reflect upon their learning by examining how they arrived at their answers.

In the Classroom

The Networking Benefit

We will be creating a network of mini-school lab by collaborating with schools in different areas of cities. We will connect these labs to each other through our platform and encourage them to share their best practices and experiences. Parents, students and mentors of schools in this network will be able to communicate with each other to share and collaborate ideas on best practices .