Social Innovation Lab

Mumbai Innovation Meet

Open Meetup for curious mind who has spark for solving problems by leveraging design and innovation.
We cordially welcome people across age, and occupation (non-technical too!) to collaborate with us.
All of the biggest technological inventions created by man - the airplane, the automobile, the computer - says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness.
If you ever had an idea in your head to innovate and make something happen touching the real world this event is for you. With storymakers anyone can get on with their gears and work in our labs to make impossible possible. Making stuff across disciplines under the guidance of esteemed researchers and profs and experts from institutes like IDC & IIT Bombay, this is a rare opportunity and first of its step for paradigm change in how we can connect with realistic creativity.

Event Date: 8th October 2017
Time: 2 P.M. IST
Venue: Will be sent post registration via email.

How are we doing this?

Space for Tinkering and Brainstorming

We will be providing a space with basic tools and experts in their respective fields from esteemed organisation.

Selecting and Executing Projects

Implementing User oriented design solutions in hardware from esteemed hardware start ups. Prototyping and testing process will involving professional from IDC & IIT - Bombay. Assistance in field testing and market reach of product will be provided.

Selection process of Socially Innovative Projects

We will be helping you determine projects by an exhaustive process involving industry experts and community together to determine the problems and come up with locally optimized solutions.

Fund Raising

We will help you raise funds and investment from community, government and investors to make the execution of project viable for R&D.

Be Part of the future of social innovation