Initiative by

Tarun Mitra Mandal

The power of youth is the power of tomorrow. With a view to have a better tomorrow and, with a view to lay a foundation of various activities for the larger good of the society.
TMM believes strongly in community hood and this initiative is completely community driven.

Together, we are changing the future of education.

Our passion for education informs what we do every day, whether it’s building innovative new technology tools for the classroom, connecting with communities of parents and students to learn how we can meet their needs, or bringing new partner schools into our network.

Our Team

zubin photo

Zubin Savla

Zubin is a young social innovator. He is a Judo master. Being an electronics engineer & innovator at IIT – Bombay, he has developed Health Care devices. He believes that “Knowledge is Power” and it must be shared. He has played an instrumental role in designing Science Curriculum for State Board Education of Maharashtra.  He is a maker and also part of technical/production team at The Story Of Foundation.  He’s been mentoring many innovators and entrepreneurs for End to End Innovation.

He believes in more hand-on & multi disciplinary learning which should be made accessible to every child.He is a visionary with a strong conviction about children and technology if intertwined together; will make a fantastic future for the human race.


Amit Mishra

Amit’s ‘s career has focused on creatively using technology to enrich daily life. He is an educator, entrepreneur, designer, programmer, and curator, with experience in designing & developing research-driven, user-focused online interfaces & software. He is a proponent of interdisciplinary approaches to learning, with a special interest in encouraging dialogue and partnerships between multiple stakeholders such as educators, makers, artists, scientists, R&D centers, etc. to create affordable & accessible learning spaces by bringing together science, maths, philosophy, art, and culture.

He is inspired by nature & believes everything is interconnected, which encourages him to leverage collective intelligence in education for kids.  


Kunal Haria

Chief Pedagogy

Kunal Haria is an Electronics Engineer working with Tata Centre for Technology and Design at IIT Bombay under Education Domain developing DIY Projects and hands-on learning course for State Board Education and also developing compact solution for kids experimental science and interactive learning. He loves being surrounded with kids.

He believes that kids have a lot to teach us from their creative and curious nature.

Keval Mamania

Keval Mamania

Software Developer

Keval is a creative maker and programmer, deeply interested in electronics & coding. He believes education can feed on our curiosity and let us invent interesting things. He helps us with website and explores programming with kids. 

Khushboo Goradia

Khushboo Goradia

Researcher & Psychologist

Khushboo is passionate about knowing and understanding human mind. After graduating in management studies and working in MNCs, her will to help people made her pursue Psychology and start afresh in her career. She is a data intensive researcher and is responsible for SOM’s research strategy. 

A child at heart resides a strong-headed girl paired with her meticulous nature, she takes every challenge head-on and wants to build the crumbling little world all over again! She beleives in observing kids and learning from them. 

Tej Gala

Tej Gala


Tej Gala is a creative artist and UI/UX Designer. He has several awards to his name for his designs. He has earned his bachelors degree in Computer Science. 

His responsibility is to work on all the creatives and design stuff at SOM.

Our Advisors


Alka Hingorani

Art Historian, Design Professor, Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay

Alka Hingorani is Associate Professor at the Industrial Design Centre, Indian Institute of Technology- Bombay. As a teacher, Alka urges her students to question and think actively; to have larger purpose than just making money; to be aware of their environment—and to come up with solutions that can change behaviours. Previously she has taught at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, in the departments of City and Regional Planning, South and South-east Asia Studies, and History of Art, in the capacity of Graduate Student Instructor and Lecturer. She is developing a biomimicry laboratory at IDC, which understands design in nature and creates solutions based on this understanding. And is also working along with Tata centre for Technology and Design @ IIT Bombay in the field of education with her project “Mobile Technology for English Learning”. The project focuses on creating relevant education by using and enhancing traditional knowledge bases. It aims to create students who care about solving problems. 


Tanmay Shah

Innovation head at Imaginarium

Tanmay Shah leads Innovations at Imaginarium. A technology tinkerer, Tanmay holds a Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics engineering and a Master’s in Economics from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad. He was also a Fellow at the Young India Fellowship, initiated by the International Foundation for Research and Education. Having an active participation in mentorship programs, he also possesses an experience in using drones for a variety of applications like aerial photography, surveillance, agricultural surveys and so on. As an intrapreneur and 3D printing enthusiast, Tanmay has been passively working on additive manufacturing and its applications in diverse fields to promote a concrete ecosystem for 3D printing in India.